Soft Matt by ICRO

Soft Matt by ICRO
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Our life is a constant journey and every time it takes a turn, there is a closed door ahead of us. These doors can be a passage of opportunities, dreams, and desires. There can be anything lying on the other side of the door. Some doors are left unnoticed, some doors will remain unopened, whereas some will instantly attract our attention making us want to open a new door to a new style of door finish. Doors to our home or office are no longer just those physical structures. They have turned into endless possibilities, making this beautiful and pleasant to the touch paint finish for our 2 pack door range the ideal choice.

The Soft Matt Range

PU: Spray-Applied Lacquers

Acrylic PU: Spray-Applied Varnish

Hydro: Spray-Applied Varnish and Lacquers

Completely Anti-Reflective

No Scratches, No Glare, just Soft Matt

The line of ICRO Soft Matt paints have been formulated to obtain ultra-opaque surfaces, soft to the touch, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint properties and a very high chemical physical resistance

Fully tailored, Unlimited and Customizable Colours, Rich and Deep Tones

The finishes made according to this technology reach the lowest level of opacity perceptible to the human eye

Design is Matt