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Coverdoors are European Door Manufactures and Suppliers who utilize its values, human factor and its respect towards their associates and customers. Continually focusing on remaining a thriving, financially viable, dynamically growing and creative company always being present at the forefront of their market in the production of wood products.



State of the art CNC Machinery
New Door Technology allows almost limitless customizations giving clients the ability to design any door imaginable in any configuration, style, appearance and/or feature.


We are proud to show you our latest projects.
Coverdoors have completed thousands of projects all over Europe with more than 90 points of sale and are now finally making a presence in the Australian market. Unlike many other door companies we manufacture our doors from our European factory resulting in the ability to produce different sizes and custom made designs and finishes for both internal and external doors.


A Wide Range of Benefits When You Choose Coverdoors

Our doors work well with zoned climate control, helping to regulate temperatures in individual rooms as well as keeping noises and sounds in or out of a room, and where necessary. Energy efficient, maintenance free and more, please read through the benefits below.


Reduce Noise

Coverdoors manufactures Acoustic doors, engaging technologically advanced techniques, single or double leaf with the following sound attenuation levels:

28dB, 30dB lightweight rockwool stone wool fibres withstanding more than 1000 degrees celsius without melting and has fantastic thermal insulation.

32, 34, 36, 39dB with the use of fire rated door cores for 30, 60, 90 and 120min, from the certification body IFC.

38dB Solid 3-layer particle chipboard 3 x 11 VL.                                                                                                         

42dB, 44dB 70 – 74mm leaf thickness all tested in accordance with ISO 140-3:2005.


Energy Efficient

We facilitate energy utilization along with reduced wastage of electricity consumption by adopting green initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions.

Reduce household bills and your carbon footprint by installing doors that reduce energy use and provide greater indoor comfort and better air quality.

Temperature management and thermal properties – separating the temperatures apart from each room or space with a full perimeter rubber strip installed on the frame which creates a tighter seal that reduces air leakage around the edges.         

Automatic drop down seal engineered into the door – seals out dust, wind, noise, eliminates the cold, slows down heat loss and is almost unnoticeable. Automatically drops down when you close the door and lifts up when you open the door.   

Improved core materials – thicker solid materials, rockwool insulation.

Why is door insulation important? How much sound and heat your doors are capable of trapping is an important consideration when you are choosing doors. A draughty door can contribute significantly to your heating or cooling costs. Rockwool Doors, especially show great resistance to noise, fire and heat. Likewise, anyone who has ever lived close to a main road can tell you the importance of being able to exclude noise from the outside. Sound proofing is also important for interior doors – some noises just don’t need to be shared with the rest of the household….


Maintenance Free

Eliminate the yellowing of enamel paints, colour fade or discolouration and the need to repaint, gap, fill, scrape or sand a door or frame because of excessive door use or poor quality materials that just don’t last. Factory finished doors are finished using state of the art equipment and are cured with optimal flash-drying and cooling cycles, which provides more durability than store bought paints and on site applications.

Adjustable hinges allow you to adjust the door without the frustrating experience of needing a carpenter to remove and repair the door costing you time and money. Simply use the Allen key to adjust the hinges in 3 ways for vertical and horizontal movement to align your door back into position for perfect operation and excellent fitting every time.

To put it simply, problems arise because of poor quality materials, higher quality materials will stand the tests of time and although you will initially save money by opting for lower-quality materials, chances are it will cost you more in the long run with maintenance repairs.


Stylish Designs

Materials sourced from Greece, Italy and Germany.

Factory finished using the latest CNC machinery.

European designer finishes.

Available in a range of styles and designs to suit, or customized to your preferred design.

100% Manufactured, Engineered and Designed in Europe.


Enhanced Security

Smart Lock 2.0 – keyless entry, no need to hand out keys or key duplication.

All key duplications under control with the CISA Security Card.

16 Locking bolts.

Designed and fitted with only the best security fittings.

Security and operation testing in compliance with EN standards.

Burglar resistance category RC3 = resistance time 5 minutes: the professional criminal attempts to break open the locked and bolted door with a broader screw-driver and a crowbar, making it practically impossible by not only protecting your valuables but effectively restricting vandalism.

Built in alarm systems inside your security door, if someone attempts to break in or punches the door a loud alarm is emitted that immediately puts potential intruders to flight.


Eco Friendly

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

Use of excellent raw materials verifies that we have been managed and consumed responsibly, taking into consideration the protection of the environment.




There are 2 European classified catagories of MDF based on the formaldehyde emission levels, E1 where the formaldehyde release is lower than 0.1 ppm and E2 where it ranges between 0.1 ppm and 0.3 ppm as well only choosing suppliers that work in complete transperancy regarding the products they use and how they are working towards a healthier environment.






Made in the EU

Manufactured in Europe at a privately owned 6,000 m2 premises using only the latest CNC machinery and 100% European products and materials with lower costs.

NOT made in CHINA.


Expert Installation

Extensive knowledge and experience in the EU building and construction industry and delivering that international knowledge and expertise to the Australian market.

Bringing awareness over the lack of understanding on building performance issues and how they can be resolved for Australians to live in a more efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly home by choosing to install improved building products.



Competitively Priced

Door systems suited for all types of residential and commercial budgets.

Our benchmark for comfort in all buildings

Coverdoors is also proud to be a member of the Australian Passive House Association (APHA)

“Australia’s best quality doors for providing indoor comfort all year round.”


What is Passive House?

It is a building standard. Passive house is considered the most rigorous voluntary, energy and health based standard in the design and construction industry today, resulting in buildings that consume as much as 90% less heating and cooling energy compared to conventional buildings. Applicable to any building type or design, the Passive House (Passivhaus) high-performance building standard is internationally recognized, science-based and proven.

This means that you get continuous fresh air in a very efficient manner. Thermal comfort is maintained and heating and cooling loads are minimized through passive measures such as improved insulation, high-quality doors and windows, optimal use of passive solar energy and thermal mass, external shading, and limiting unwanted heat loss or gain by addressing thermal bridges.

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