Technical Specifications

Interior Door Construction

The frame is finger jointed (ensuring almost zero bending + -0.2 of the door) and the cores are covered on both sides with HDF (High Density Fibreboard) with a thickness of 6mm for the CPL/HPL/Lamitex/Laminate/2 Pack and a 7mm thickness for the Veneer. HDF is similar to particle board and MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) but is denser and harder because it is made out of exploded wood fibres that have been highly compressed.

The fact is; HDF is more stable, more resistant to moisture and considerably harder than the rest. It has many uses, such as a substrate. It is used in construction flooring, furniture, home appliances, automobiles, cabinetry and of course in our doors. It also adds great thermal properties to your home.

Coverdoors also use the latest door technology in its manufacturing supported by superior engineering and computing systems so that we can deliver both internal and external doors of high structural integrity.

Technical Specifications

Interior Door Frame Construction


Blockboard is well known worldwide due to its characteristics of bending strength, lightness and screw-hold ability. As it’s a real solid-wood alternative to timber, suitable for the production of high-quality and long-lasting furniture and furnishings. 
While most blockboard manufacturers worldwide are producing a 3-ply construction, at Coverdoors it has been developed in the 5-ply construction, with two veneers on each side, in order to achieve the best surface stability and flatness.

Features and advantages:
✓ Excellent dimensional stability and moisture resistance.
✓ High bending strength.
✓ Light weight.
✓ High screw-holding resistance.
✓ Easy to work and cut, allowing long-term life to tools during processing.
✓ Suitable to be covered with plastic laminate or veneer.
✓ A real green alternative to solid wood, with good resistance to warping.


Three double bolt Italian hinges (14mm diameter) with 4 pins and 3 regulation points for adjustable settings, allowing for vertical and horizontal movement of the door panel ensuring excellent fitting and perfect operation of the door over time. The hinges come with decorative caps in many different colours to suit your door or hardware.

The latch is made from a special strong ABS plastic, which provides almost silent and long life operating. Tested and certified for 500,000 opening cycles EN 12209:2005. All our locks and hinge positions are pre machined, pre matched and fitted using the latest CNC machinery for a perfect fit every time.


The frame is made of 44mm 5-layer blockboard for the best possible support of the door with a full perimeter rubber seal which provides a quieter closing of the door (no more slamming) and keeps out draughts, dust, smoke and dampens the travelling of sound for a smoother operation every time.

The architraves are made of marine plywood, it is a special type of plywood that is commonly used in the marine applications such as boat building and the adhesives used are consistent of two components (polyurethane) very important for hot and humid climate conditions throughout Australia. Using this type of plywood can provide you with a number of unique benefits. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using this plywood is that it can deal with moisture. Most types of wood do not handle wet conditions very well. Water will get into the core of the wood, which will make it expand. This often leads to the wood rotting and it can lower the integrity of the structure. This type of wood has a special glue layer on the outside that is designed to keep the moisture out. It has no gaps in it, which means that the moisture cannot find its way in. Marine plywood also offers superior impact resistance, it is harder and denser making this an ideal choice for projects that will undergo a lot of wear and tear and especially ideal for areas in your home such as the laundry, bathroom, kitchen or any other space prone to getting wet.


218cm maximum height (with architrave coverage of up to 223cm)

63-65-68-71-73-75-78-81-83-85-88-91-93-95-98cm. Larger dimensions available on request



Hinged Doors
Folding Doors
Sliding Doors
Flush to Wall Doors


Functional and user friendly opening types, for a variety of opening possibilities suiting almost every possible need.



Coverdoors comes as a complete set – door, frame, architraves, adjustable hinges and silent or silent magnetic lock (handle not included)

Factory finished – NO PAINTING REQUIRED