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AXIS Group Medical Construction

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    AXIS Group Medical Construction
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      Stratford-upon-Avon, England, UK CAMARK Head Quarters Italy & Greece
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Coverdoors Greece


The AXIS Medical Construction Group was established by engineers, based in Thessaloniki, targeting construction projects in Greece and worldwide.

Coverdoors manufacture commercial grade doors and frames specifically designed for the use in areas of medical construction for AXIS and some of their projects include:

The Pharmaceutical Cannabis Production Plant Laboratories

Number of doors: 92

Colours: HPL Abet Laminati 406 Bianco Primavera and 410 Bianco Ghiaccio

Surgical Stitches Production Facility

Number of doors: 23

Colour: HPL Abet Laminati 859 Faenza Blue 

Hermetic door systems are not in our product range, for this we only provide the doors, the frame mechanism and the equipment is provided from our partners.

(Hermetic door systems are designed in use where hygiene control and air tight-sealing doors are required).

*Lamishield, Abet Laminati HPL antimicrobial laminate, is the answer to a specific increasingly requirement: the reduction of risks of infections and illness related to cross contamination. Thanks to the BioCote® silver-ion technology fully incorporated into the decorative layer, Lamishield reduces the level of bacteria on its surface by up to 99.9%. In conjunction with good hygiene and cleaning practice, Lamishield is able to inhibit the growth of a broad spectrum of microbes.
Most of Abet Laminati Collections can be produced in Lamishield version. Abet Laminati has chosen BioCote®, the leading provider of proven antimicrobial technology to companies around the globe. BioCote® technology uses silver’s natural properties to provide continuous integrated antibacterial activity to the surface of Lamishield for the lifetime of the product.
  • Lab Room Quality Control

  • Surgical Stitches Production Facility

  • Hermetic Sealing Automatic Doors

  • IVF Centre In Vitro Laboratory

  • Stem Cell Research Laboratory

  • Stem Cell Research Laboratory

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