We’ve Pursued the Same Goal Since the Beginning

Coverdoors are European Door Manufactures and Suppliers who utilize its values, human factor and its respect towards their associates and customers. Continually focusing on remaining a thriving, financially viable, dynamically growing and creative company always being present at the forefront of their market in the production of wood products.

“Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten” – Aldo Gucci



We Have a Long and Successful History

The Coverdoors company, since its foundation in 1994 until today has been engaged in the manufacturing of wooden products, specifically internal and entry security doors whilst specialising in pantograph designs. All within their 6,000 m2 privately owned premises using new state of the art CNC equipment, to target foreign markets and develop a strong exporting profile, to include significant investment into the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Having had a successful activity in the Greek market and having established its products whilst adopting its corporate identity obtained the copyright of its trademark in 2010. The trademark no. 207312 was copyrighted by the Ministry of Economy, Competitiveness and Shipping.

Having as main aims the manufacturing of high quality products and the complete customer satisfaction, Coverdoors moves towards branded products so that the origins can be identified by the customer. This is accomplished with the company’s brand appearing on a subtle yet distinctive point. Specifically, “COVERDOORS®’’ authenticity logo appears above the internal part of the lock of each door.

That way, the customer can be certain that the product they have acquired has been exclusively manufactured by Coverdoors and that:

✓ They have invested in an original European product

✓ The final product has been manufactured with certified and or high quality raw materials

✓ The product is ergonomically designed considering the needs of the customer 

✓ Is environmentally friendly

✓ Varnishes are water-soluble, incombustible and, 

✓ Two component polyurethane adhesives are being used to meet the requirements of high humidity places but also in high or very low temperatures throughout Australia. 



IRIS M-303 & KALYPSO M-302 Veneer Varnished Interior Door

COVER-112 Anigre Veneer

  • Quality Results
  • Top Technical Standards
  • Client-Centric
  • Highly Trained Staff
  • Contemporary Products

Our Philosophy

Quality Results and Perfection of the Final Product

Coverdoors is constantly strengthening its presence in the European and Australian markets, producing high quality wooden products conforming to top technical and quality standards, which are designed to meet customer needs. Being aware of market trends, our philosophy is purely client-centric with respect to contemporary demands, aesthetics as well as the lifestyle of our customers.

Our aim is perfection and proof of this is in the certification EN ISO 9001:2015, a rewarding achievement for Coverdoors.

Our Services

A Wide Range of Door Services

Coverdoors can replace your old doors and frames with the new European door system. We can supply your door system only or supply and install for new residential and commercial builds with on site or off the plan measure and quote.



A common choice for people looking to replace their less than ordinary doors to a premium product will result in lower heating and cooling costs. They will stand up against everyday use, moisture damage, rotting wood, cracking, paint fade and provide you with long term performance. Our replacement service includes only installing your new doors and frames not removing the existing ones.


New Build

Supply and Installation
On site or off the plan measure and quote
Increasing awareness among builders and building owners about energy efficient interior doors to reduce energy consumption. This allows us to expand from the European to Australian market enabling us to provide your home with extra benefits to your investment for the long term.


Supply Only

We also offer a supply only service to anyone who love and wish to use our doors but want to still remain in total control of the installation process. Our installation team remain available at all times to give any advice and support on site or online.


Why Are Certifications Important?
Implementing an effective and robust ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) helps us to stay focused on the important areas of our business to improve on efficiency, productivity, improve customer retention and acquisition with consistent outcomes, measured and monitored.

KALLIROI M-304 Artificial Oak Veneer

Why Coverdoors

What Makes Us Different?
  • Our doors are a complete door system – door, frame, architraves, full perimeter rubber seal, 3 way adjustable hinges and silent lock complete your set
  • Beautiful doors start at the surface – all our doors are factory finished in the design/style/colour of your choice: laminates, wood veneers, 2 pack (paint or stain), which means no painter required. Door, frame and architraves are engineered in the finish of your choice
  • Professionally applied finishes using state of the art equipment ensuring stunning results on every door every time
  • Locks and hinge positions are pre machined, pre matched and fitted for quicker and easier installation
  • Door and frame are already assembled
  • No further finishing work on our doors is required – no gapping, no filling nail holes, no sanding – only cutting of the architraves to size
  • Doors are installed at the very end over the flooring which saves time, the finish is perfect and there is no room for error when cutting the flooring to fit around the bottom of the frames and no painter touch-ups required due to trade defects
  • Our minimum standard door leaf thickness is 45mm, unlike the Australian manufactured doors which measure only 35mm
  • We are built to last – thanks to European quality parts and excellent manufacturing principles, our doors deliver the same performance over the years with minimal maintenance required