CPL 37M Laminate/CPL Armoured Door

Coverdoors understand the requirements when it comes to doors. Our expertise is in creating the perfect customised interior or entrance door, designed with you and your families safety in mind, and also specifically to withstand the extremes of Australian weather conditions coupled with the latest innovative European technology.

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Coverdoors provides you with a complete set, including door, frame, architraves (factory finished in a Laminate or Continuous Pressure Laminate), heavy duty hinges, 16 locking points and a full perimeter rubber seal. You can choose between the oval or straight architrave/frame and from various surface designs and finishes. Please visit the technical specifications on the home page and download our catalogue for further information. The automatic drop down seal as pictured is a standard feature that is engineered into the door.

The vast majority of thieves enter your home through the doors and windows, so this is where you should tighten your security. The rise in recorded instances of unlawful entry into Australian homes has thus led to a rise in the market for the Armoured door over the past decade. Aesthetics and functionality are two main factors we all prefer to have when choosing a front or external door for point of entry. There is no doubt that styling is important but it also has to be in accordance with the environment in which it exists. The style when combined with great functionality as well as a high level of security would provide a great sense of satisfaction that you have made the right choice of door.

The Armoured door “Guard 16” also has a certification rating level of RC3 with a burglar resistance time of 5 minutes. (The contact time defined per class is the length of time during which the tools are in contact with the door and the time a product can withstand the burglary).

With an ARGOS detection alarm installed inside the door, security doors will not only resist, but react to attempted attacks emitting a loud alarm that immediately puts potential intruders to flight, preventing them from entering the house.

The CPL or (continuous pressure laminate) doors are high-quality decorative materials which are manufactured in continuously operating double-belt presses. They consist of a decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin and a multi-layered backing paper, usually made of parchment. The impregnated layers are bonded together at a high temperature and pressure, whereby the fibre structure of the paper is strengthened. The result is a closely compacted material with a sealed surface, making it resilient against areas exposed to intensive stresses.

Design – C-210
Frame – Galvanized steel frame 60 x 70mm in RAL 9005 matt black anti-scratch
Architraves – Internal side HDF 60 x 17mm, external side marine plywood 100 x 17mm
Core – Galvanized double steel core structure reinforced with an internal iron profile grid and insulated with rockwool
Panel – E1 1 x 6-7.0mm HDF internal side, 1 x 7.0mm marine plywood external side
Finish – Laminate
Colour – Walnut
Leaf thickness – 70-120mm (depending on the design)
INOX – Single vertical inox strip (optional without)

Colours are indicative and may vary in their physical form.


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