BALANCED AMERICAN OAK 10.18 ALPI Luxury Veneer Interior Door

Coverdoors understand the requirements when it comes to doors. Our expertise is in creating the perfect customised interior or entrance door, designed with you and your families safety in mind, and also specifically to withstand the extremes of Australian weather conditions coupled with the latest innovative European technology.

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Coverdoors provides you with a complete set, including door, frame, architraves (factory finished in veneers and varnished stains), adjustable hinges, magnetic silent or silent lock and full perimeter rubber seal. You can choose between the oval or straight architrave/frame and from various woods, stain colours and varnish finishes as pictured. Other stain colours are available upon request. Please visit the technical specifications on the home page and download our catalogue for further information. The automatic drop down seal as pictured is an optional feature that can be engineered into the door.

Your home is a reflection of your personality. When you design your home you are creating something that truly reflects who you are. Each and every item in the house whether it be the furnishings or the artwork on the walls are all a true representation of your mind.
Coverdoors working in collaboration with ALPI wood veneers, allows your home to tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.

Made with real composite wood, offering a non-printed material that can be custom designed. ALPI wood is broken down and reassembled in an infinite range of wood types, finishes and patterns, thanks to a fascinating and intensive production process where pure innovation blends with painstaking workmanship.

Touch – ALPI preserves the natural appearance of the wood whilst providing a pleasant tactile sensation.
Groove – ALPI emphasises texture and quality, offering a natural tactile effect similar to that of unfinished wood.
Wax – A matt protective coating that gives the wood the delicate look typical of treatments applied with natural waxes and oils.


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